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Our Services

Strategic Planning

Your non-profit has an overarching strategic plan to ensure success. Your fundraising needs a strategic plan too. Haphazardly approaching fundraising can lead to missed opportunities and inefficiencies. Sound familiar? This is where we come in.


By developing a strategic plan for fundraising, your development team will have a well-thought-out roadmap with clear goals and a vision to follow like a north star. With a compelling plan in place, your fundraising efforts gain a deeper sense of purpose and inspire both, your donors and staff, to rally behind you. This becomes the heart of the fundraising narrative: connecting donors to your mission and encouraging their long-term commitments.

A strategic fundraising plan defines clear and measurable goals tailored to your organization. By identifying specific objectives, your organization can align its efforts and resources towards achieving these targets. Whether it's raising a certain amount of revenue, expanding your donor base, or funding a particular project, clear goals provide direction and purpose to support the fundraising initiatives.

Build & Implement Infrastructure

A strategic fundraising plan is incomplete without a robust infrastructure to support its implementation. This includes developing efficient fundraising systems, leveraging technology for donor management, creating a system for communication, and establishing transparent financial reporting mechanisms. As part of our commitment to you, we design and implement the infrastructure. 


Our team is embedded in your department to ensure streamlined operations, compliance, and overall fundraising efficiency. We become an integral part of your team in order to gain trust and implement new standards and procedures. Developing and implementing the infrastructure helps us capitalize on the uniqueness of your organization to create a structure that will help you thrive and become sustainable. 

Staff Training

Providing comprehensive training equips your team with the tools and techniques required to engage with donors effectively. Training programs cover communication skills, donor stewardship, relationship building, and utilizing fundraising platforms. We empower your team with the necessary expertise to enhance their confidence, allow for ownership of responsibilities, and provide resources for nurturing donor relationships, which ultimately leads to increased donor retention and loyalty.

Our services include 1:1 donor strategy sessions, all-staff workshops, and hands-on training. Effective stewardship, cultivation, and solicitation strategies are also part of our staff training process. From annual appeals to major gift cultivations, we have the expertise to guide your team to fundraising success. 

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