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About Jenni

My mission is to help small nonprofits step into their greatness. I want you to have access to the resources your organization needs in order to serve your beneficiaries and change lives. By getting clear on who your donors are, strategizing your communications & engagement, and building programs that support your mission, together we can help your organization reach its full potential. I care about you and the people you serve. And I also care about your donors. Let's develop ways to communicate your mission so that it resonates with them. Let's create ways for donors to be part of something bigger than what they are capable of doing on their own. Through great stewardship, let's show them how valuable their time and resources can be. 


I have 16 years of experience in higher education. Throughout my career, I have successfully raised millions for institutions through strategic, affinity-based programs that focus on donor belonging and retention. Over the past three years, I built a robust fundraising program centered around mid-level donors and affinity groups, generating more than $2M in memberships and major gifts.

You may also discover this on your own if you checked out my LinkedIn. I am the co-founder and co-owner of Copper Bottom Craft Distillery, a producer of award-winning rum and vodka in Daytona Beach. Together with my husband, Jeremy, we have three daughters: Carmen (8), Mason (6), and Brooklyn (1).  

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